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Dirru Samdup Dechen Choekhor Ling is located at Bir Tibetan refugee settlement, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a prominent Tibetan Buddhist learning center under the Sakya tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. It was established in 1965 and it is one of original Buddhist centre in India working towards the promotion and preservation of Tibetan Buddhism particularly the Sakya tradition. It had been administered under the guidance of late venerable 7th Gyalsay Rinpoche until his demise in 1994. Since then the monastery is being headed by 7th Dungyud Rinpoche and 8th Gyalsay Rinpoche and through the kind supports of their disciples.

The main purpose of this monastery is to practice ritual activities and providing the basic education of Buddhism, Tibetan language, Hindi, English, Science and Mathematic etc. We are providing those education for about 70 monks who are staying here so far. And among them few monks had finished their studies here and now they are doing their  further studies at Shedras and other University.

A general meeting was held in the year 2013 with the presence of Dungyud Rinpoche where a board members were organized in which they elected a president and other few members along with few existing one. Our President is  Dorlop Nyima Namgyal. They were authorized for taking the decision and alteration in favour of monastery by holding a meeting and discussion among them. But the main and final decision on important matters will be taken in presence of Ven Dungyud Rinpoche and the board members.

Golden Jubilee The Diru Monastery

50 years of university

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