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Upcoming Losar Puja

Gutor  ” Tibetan New Year Ritual” is the wrathful activity traditionally performed in the final days of the year to cleanse all negativities and undesirable circumstances and to pacify all illness, demonic influence, defilements and obstacles in order to start the New Year afresh. “Through this practice all positive circumstances increase like the waxing moon. Relative circumstances such as longevity, merit, glories, the wealth of the three realms, joy are increased. And on the path, meditation qualities, experience, wisdom and fruition of practice are accomplished.”


This year Dirru Monastery is doing Jigje puja “Yamantaka Ritual”

Yamantaka Puja is a powerful ritual that benefits both the living and those who have passed away. For the living, the puja ceremony fulfills wishes, removes obstacles, improves health, and increases merit and wealth. For Buddhist practitioners, making offering to the deities helps the practitioner gain accomplishments on the path, stabilize one’s meditation concentration and improve one’s spiritual practice. For the deceased, the ceremony is an excellent method of purifying negative karma and attaining higher rebirth. You may send a photo of deceased loved ones, If you don’t have a photo, write their names.. This Puja also helps to avert or purify three kinds of obstacles

1. External adversities that manifest from karmic imprints and affect our daily life, relationships, job, business, etc.

2. Internal hindrances arising from fear, doubts and superstition that affect our health or mental state; and

3. Secret/hidden obstacles of inherent ignorance that obstruct our ability to realize the true nature of reality.

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